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Current Applied Polymer Science

ISSN: 2452-2716 (Print)
eISSN: 2452-2724 (Online)

Current Applied Polymer Science publishes expert review articles and thematic issues in all applied aspects of polymer science including composites, nano polymeric composites and molecular composites, It includes biodegradable polymers, polysaccharides and other natural polymers, membranes, energy conversion and storage, conducting polymers, biomedical implants, and synthetic polymers. It will cover miscible and compatible polymer blends, amorphous and semi-crystallline polymer blends, rubber toughened and elastomeric blends, self-reinforced blends, interpenetrating networks and all other aspects of polymer science as applied to various fields of pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacture, health, agriculture, new materials and other areas.

Special Issues With Active Call for Papers

Submission closes on: Feb 28, 2025
Revolutionizing Natural Polysaccharides with State-of-the-Art Grafting Techniques

Abstract: The proposed thematic issue, "Revolutionizing Natural Polysaccharides with State-of-the-Art Grating Techniques," aims to explore the transformative potential of advanced grating methods in the study and application of natural polysaccharides. Polysaccharides, with their diverse structures and functions, are essential biomolecules in numerous fields, including pharmaceuticals, food science, and materials engineering. However, unlocking their full potential requires innovative techniques to manipulate and analyze their complex structures effectively. This issue will gather cutting-edge research and reviews that... see more

Submission closes on: Feb 28, 2025
Advancements in Polymer Nanocomposites for Sustainable and High-Performance Applications

Polymer nanocomposites represent a significant breakthrough in materials science, offering enhanced properties and new functionalities for a wide range of applications. This thematic issue will explore the latest advancements in the field, focusing on sustainable development and high-performance applications. Topics will include novel synthesis methods, innovative nanomaterials, and their integration into polymers to create materials with superior mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Additionally, the issue will address the environmental impact and recyclability of polymer nanocomposites,... see more

Submission closes on: Jan 31, 2025
Functional Conjugated Polymers and Sensor Applications

The term "conjugated polymer" refers to "conjugated polymers", which is a sub-branch of polymer science. Conjugated polymers are polymers formed by adding various functional groups (usually organic compounds) to one end of a polymer chain. These functional groups can change the properties of the polymer or cause certain changes in the polymer. can direct you to targets. Conjugated polymers are an interesting class of materials widely used in the design of flexible electronic devices. One... see more