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Current Green Chemistry

ISSN: 2213-3461 (Print)
eISSN: 2213-347X (Online)

Current Green Chemistry is an international peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original research, full-length/mini-reviews, and thematic issues in all core areas of green chemistry. The scope covers green chemistry related to synthetic chemistry (catalysts, ionic liquids, solvent-free accomplishments, MW-assisted reactions, flow-chemistry, enantioselective syntheses), process and analytical chemistry, separation science, sustainable energy and other resources, and alternative environmentally safer chemical procedures to reduce damage to health and environment, and to minimize environmental burdens.
The scope also encompasses the benefits of green chemistry to human health, environment, economy and business, such as its role in cleaning air and water, making available pharmaceuticals, electronics, dyes, coatings, and eliminating toxic chemicals from food.