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Recent Patents on Engineering

ISSN: 2212-4047

Recent Patents on Engineering publishes review and research articles, and guest edited thematic issues on recent patents in the field of engineering. A selection of important and recent patents on engineering is also included in the journal. The journal is essential reading for all researchers involved in engineering sciences.

Special Issues With Active Call for Papers

Submission closes on: Jun 30, 2025
Development of Oceanic Engineering based on Radar/Sonar/optical Technology

Radar, sonar and optical devices are the most common devices for oceanic engieering. The exploration and development of marine resources, communication and navigation, underwater target detection and recognition, environmental monitoring and natural disaster prediction all depend on oceanic engineering technology based on radar, sonar and optical technology. The development of oceanic engineering technology needs all kinds of radar/sonar/optical sensors and related signal processing technology to provide support. Radar/sonar/optical sensor can be installed on fixed platforms... see more

Submission closes on: Dec 31, 2024
Industry 4.0 Driven Techniques in Engineering for Sustainability and Innovations

The advent of Industry 4.0 (fourth Industrial Revolution) in the realm of engineering has sparked a digital revolution in sustainability and innovations. The techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI), Digital Twin (DT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, additive manufacturing, human-machine interaction (HMI) etc. has reshaped the traditional engineering techniques and Industry 4.0 impact on sustainability and innovations in engineering lies to optimize resource utilization, waste minimization, precise control, predictive maintenance for... see more

Submission closes on: Dec 30, 2024
Recent Developments in Advance technologies using Machine Learning Techniques

Imparting intelligence has become the focus of various computational paradigms. Thanks to evolving soft computing and artificial intelligent methodologies, scientists have been able to explain and understand real life processes and practices which formerly remained unexplored by dint of their underlying imprecision, uncertainties and redundancies, as well as the unavailability of appropriate methods for describing the inexactness, incompleteness and vagueness of information representation. Computational intelligence tries to explore and unearth intelligence embedded in the system... see more

Submission closes on: Dec 20, 2024
Renewable Integration and Sustainability in District Heating

District heating systems are an essential means of reducing dependency on fossil fuels and accomplishing environmental goals within the context of the pressing need to mitigate climate change and ensure energy sustainability. This thematic issue focuses on the latest advancements and challenges for renewable energy integration and sustainability principles in district heating systems. We welcome contributions exploring diverse aspects of this vibrant field, encompassing the utilization of renewable energy sources such as solar thermal, geothermal,... see more

Submission closes on: Dec 01, 2024
New Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies are charting new frontiers, revolutionizing various sectors, and transforming how we interact with the world. AI's integration with innovative technologies like quantum computing, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating unprecedented opportunities and challenges. These synergies are not only enhancing computational power and data processing capabilities but also enabling more secure, efficient, and intelligent systems. One of the key areas witnessing significant impact... see more

Submission closes on: Aug 20, 2024
Exploring the Potential of Metaverse and Blockchain Technologies for Brain Tumors Research: A Paradigm Shift in Personalized Medicine

Advancements in metaverse and blockchain technologies have revolutionized various sectors, from finance to gaming. However, their potential application in healthcare, particularly brain tumor research, remains largely unexplored. This research proposal aims to investigate the integration of metaverse and blockchain technologies to facilitate groundbreaking advancements in brain tumor study and treatment.The proposed research will commence with an in-depth analysis of existing brain tumor research methodologies and their limitations. By leveraging the decentralized and immutable nature of... see more

Submission closes on: Aug 20, 2024
Special Issue on AI-Enabled Wireless Bio-Medical Sensor Networks for Personalized Medical and Healthcare Applications

Wireless bio-medical sensor networks (WbMSN) are a potential use of wireless sensor networks in healthcare since they allow for remote patient monitoring. Current directions in WbMSN healthcare research include a focus on topics such as patient mobility, energy-efficient routing, and reliable communication between patients. However, the introduction of AI-enabled technologies such as machine learning and deep learning has led to a revolution in personalised medical and healthcare applications. If a patient has a potentially humiliating... see more

Submission closes on: Aug 13, 2024
Sustainable Computing: AI and IoT based Application Enhancement.

The objective of Sustainable Computing: AI and IoT-Based Application Enhancement is to disseminate the extensive body of research findings about the respective applications of AI and IoT to the energy- and thermal-aware management of computing resources. Within the domains of electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, and other engineering specialties, sustainable computing is a fast-growing study subject. A range of allied study topics, such as computer applications that may have an impact on society and... see more

Submission closes on: Jul 31, 2024
Emerging Intelligent Computing Techniques and their Applications

This journal is intended to present rapidly growing application areas of computational intelligence to healthcare systems, including intelligent synthetic characters, man-machine interface, menu generators, analysis of user acceptance, pictures archiving and communication systems. This journal will serve the best purpose of students, research scholars, academician, healthcare and medical industry practitioners to provide better insights into modern contemporary healthcare and medical related global trends, issues and practices. We invite original unpublished manuscripts which are not submitted... see more

Submission closes on: Jul 10, 2024
Computational Methods in Engineering

In recent decades, computational methods have revolutionized the field of engineering, playing a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and innovation across various disciplines. This proposed thematic issue aims to explore and showcase the latest advancements, challenges, and applications of computational methods in engineering. As technology continues to evolve, computational approaches have become indispensable tools for engineers, researchers, and practitioners, shaping the future of engineering practices. Scope and Objectives: This thematic issue seeks to provide... see more