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Journal of Fuzzy Logic and Modeling in Engineering

ISSN: 2666-2949 (Print)
eISSN: 2666-2957 (Online)

The purpose of the Journal of Fuzzy Logic and Modeling in Engineering is to publish recent advancements in the theory of fuzzy sets and disseminate the results of these advancements. The journal focuses on the disciplines of industrial engineering, control engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, management engineering and others. The scope of the journal involves fuzzy theory and applications in every branch of science and technology. Original research articles and reviews in the following areas of the fuzzy set theory are of special interest to the readers of this journal: Fuzzy Logic Systems Fuzzy Logic Techniques and Algorithms Fuzzy Mathematics Extensions of fuzzy sets: intuitionistics fuzzy sets, hesitant fuzzy sets, neutrosophic sets, spherical fuzzy sets. Fuzzy Measure and integral Possibility Theory and Imprecise Probability Fuzzy Database Fuzzy Clustering Fuzzy Decision Support System Fuzzy Expert System Fuzzy Mathematical Programming Fuzzy Decision Making and Decision Support Systems Fuzzy Neural Systems, Neuro-Fuzzy Systems Fuzzy Systems Modeling and Identification Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Fuzzy Process Control Fuzzy Reasoning System Fuzzy-Rule Based System Fuzzy System in Multimedia and Web-Based Applications Fuzzy System Applications in Computer Vision Hybrid Fuzzy Systems (fuzzy-neuro-evolutionary-rough) Fuzzy System Applications in E-commerce Fuzzy Sets in Bioinformatics Fuzzy System Applications in Human-Machine Interface Fuzzy System Applications in Robotics, Sensors, Fuzzy Hardware and Architectures Fuzzy Control Fuzzy Data Analysis, Fuzzy Clustering, Classification and Pattern Recognition Computing with Words and Granular Computing Fuzzy Systems with Big Data and Cloud Computing, Fuzzy Analytics and Visualization Fuzzy Systems Design and Optimization