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Journal of Photocatalysis

ISSN: 2665-976X (Print)
eISSN: 2665-9778 (Online)

Journal of Photocatalysis” would publish high quality research papers, reviews, and short communications focused on photocatalysis from many different scientific areas including Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry. “Journal of Photocatalysis” would accept novel papers in the following fields: • Preparation and characterization of new photocatalysts. • Photocatalytic elimination of environmental pollutants in liquid or gas phase. • Self-cleaning materials. • Thin films. • Photocatalytic syntheses of valuable products. • Photocatalytic hydrogen generation and CO2 reduction. • Kinetics and mechanistic aspects of photocatalytic reactions. • Combination of photocatalysis with other technologies, such as membrane technologies and photoelectrocatalysis. • Engineering aspects of photocatalytic processes. • Homogeneous photocatalysis. • Theory, modelling and computational aspects regarding the mechanisms of activation of photocatalysis.